Finding Speech Topics

While speaking for the topic that resonates with you makes it fun, sometimes it can be a challenge finding speech topic.

“What do I talk about in my speech?”

Some questions for yourself while looking for a speech topic:

  • What did you enjoy doing over past six months or a year? Maybe an activity at school, something with your friends, or some other activity? That can be a speech topic.
  • Did any of the current events you might have heard of intrigue you?
  • Any books or movies that you enjoyed watching? Pick one of those, and share how it made imprint on you.
  • What are you learning at school? What is your favorite subject? Maybe, there is something from there that is making it interesting for you. Talk about that.
  • Share your experiences and develop why you cherish them, or value them, or appreciate them, or maybe keep thinking about them for some reason. An experience here can be a vacation trip, or time with your friends or family, something at your school maybe, something from a sports activity, watching something on TV or YouTube, etc. anything.

Always bring your toastmasters notebook to the class. While listening to others or from conversations with friends, if a speech topic pops in your head, jot it down in your notebook. Over time, it can develop in to a nice speech bank for you that you can use when it’s time to prepare for your next speech.

This note has more ideas that can help you stir up the juices and figure ideas for speech topics. (Click to download. It opens in new tab).

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