The Table Topics master brings questions or prompts for impromptu speeches (table topics).

  • Think about your theme or overall direction for your table topics session. Take time to explain what you are going to do.
  • Explain the table topics process briefly: Time is 1-2 min with 30 seconds of ice time. Remind them to use the word for the day.
  • The theme for table topics can be whatever that you like: examples – friendship, Halloween, homework, sports, hobbies, vacations, movies, fiction, school locker room, back to school, video games, colors, summer, winter, etc. The sky is the limit as to where you can take it.
  • Be innovative in designing your table topics. Make table topics interesting for the group. Have fun with it.
  • Think of questions that are easy to relate to for the members. Speakers are learning how to think on their feet, stay in the moment, and develop a point.

Order of speakers for table topics:

  1. Members that don’t have a role in the meeting (that way, they get an opportunity to speak that day)
  2. Vote Counter, Timer, Ah Counter, Grammarian, Toastmaster, General Evaluator
  3. Evaluators
  4. Speakers

At the end of your table topics session:

  • Ask for the grammarian’s report for the usage of the word of the day.
  • Ask for the timer’s report.
  • All members that met time limits and used word for the day qualify for the best table topics speakers award. Announce that list to all, and invite voting.

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