Cultivate Credibility using Different Roles

  1. Evaluations and constructive feedback
  2. Three specific techniques for prepared speeches
  3. Different roles at toastmasters meeting
  4. Impromptu speaking with Table Topics

Learn to give meaningful constructive feedback using speech evaluations (one-on-one evaluations). I think this should be our top priority this session.

This helps in a number of ways:

  • Effective listening
  • Critical thinking
  • Understanding speaker from his or her perspective
  • Cultivate empathy – ability to feel like the way other person does
  • Articulating a coherent message combining different ideas you capture when speaker speaks and objectives for a specific objective
  • Striking one-on-one conversation with the speaker to share your feedback, your opinion, your reaction to the speech in a constructive way

See more on it in this post on Evaluations (click on this link).

Emotional connection with individuals in audience is so critical. If they love you as a speaker, they will want to listen to you, they will root for you when you stand up and speak.

We focus on specific ideas and techniques that’d help develop emotional connection with audience.

Learn more about three specific ideas to focus this session, video talk on it, and also your support system as a speaker(click on this link).

Click on this link to see more on this.

Table topics forces you to think on your feet.

It is an empowering skill to develop. So much of our speaking is impromptu, whether that is in group meetings, interviews, customer support, answering questions during training, etc.

Why emphasize table topics with the theme of credibility?

  • Table topics help us stay in the flow of the moment. When you do that, your ability to connect emotionally grows very quickly.
  • You develop “muscle” to think on your feet and develop ideas on the spot. It will make you better in all kinds of communication.
  • It makes you more comfortable under your skin, it makes you more natural.

See more about table topics (click on this link).

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