Lightning: Training – Support

 How do you organize your ideas while preparing for the speech? We have developed a speech preparation tool or framework for it.  Click here to open/download (opens in a new tab/window) >>

How do you maximize the impact of your speech? Click here to see Deven’s presentation on September 18, 2016 – see the slides along with notes (opens in a new tab/window) >>

Evaluations: Art of giving construction feedback: What is critical? What do you include in an evaluation? What do you avoid? Click here to open/download note on evaluation feedback (opens in a new tab/window) >>

 What is occupying you? What is fun for you? What matters to you? These answers can give you not only meaningful speech topics but also opportunities for you to speak from the heart. Click here to open/download note and learn more (opens in a new tab/window) >>

 Structure of our debate. Click here to open/download summary and learn more (opens in a new tab/window) >>