What is Leadership? Ideas From Our Members

As we kicked off the new toastmasters club session last week, our table topics session turned into a nice brainstorming discussion on leadership.

How thoughtful and well-articulated insights from our 12-17-year-old members! 🙂 Here are the nuggets I captured:

  1. A leader plans and organizes effectively thinking through what needs to be done, who and what is available, etc.
  2. A leader communicates clearly. He or she articulates the ideas well.
  3. A leader is a good listener trying to understand not only the message and emotional tone with it, but also looking for non-verbal cues and body language.
  4. A leader is punctual.
  5. A leader is involved, being part of the group. He or she tries to connect with all.
  6. A leader takes initiative to make things happen.
  7. Leadership requires dedication. A good leader finishes what he or she started.
  8. A leader is willing to help others.
  9. A leader takes initiative, act on things.
  10. A leader is a good role model.
  11. An effective leader is available to others – he or she is warm and approachable, easy to start a conversation.
  12. A leader is an effective facilitator, helping others with what they need.
  13. A leader takes time to connect with each person in the team individually as well. He or she takes care of small details, answers one-on-one questions.
  14. A leader makes a personal, friendly connection with all.

Toastmasters provide a very powerful platform and framework to develop this all.

Lightning Toastmasters Club

Lightning Toastmasters Club

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