Speech Projects – PDF

Click on the link to download the PDF for a speech project. It opens in a new tab. The evaluation forms for these speech projects are also included in the individual PDF documents. Both the speaker and the evaluator should download and read the project description. The evaluator should print the evaluation pages from the manual and bring them to the meeting.

  1. Researching and Presenting (Time 5-7 min)
  2. Effective Body Language (Time 5-7 min)
  3. Using Descriptive Language (Time 5-7 min)
  4. Using Presentation Software (Time 5-7 min)
  5. Understanding Vocal Variety (Time 5-7 min)
  6. Persuasive Speaking (Time 5-7 min)
  7. Connect with Storytelling (Time 5-7 min)
  8. Know Your Sense of Humor (Time 5-7 min)
  9. Connecting with Your Audience (Time 5-7 min)
  10. Creating Effective Visual Aids (Time 5-7 min)
  11. Question and Answer Session (Time 15-20 min – The part of this total time is for a Q & A session. Let the timer know how you split the total time between your presentation and the Q & A.)
  12. Understanding your Communication Style (Time 5-7 min – This presentation is on a specific topic related to your communication style. Read the project to learn more about it.)
  13. Understanding your Leadership Style (Time 5-7 min – This presentation is on a specific topic related to your leadership style. Read the project to learn more about it.)
  14. Understanding Emotional Intelligence (Time 5-7 min – Keep a journal for at least two weeks about your emotional response to people and situations. After that, schedule this speech. This project will require preparation over 4+ weeks.)
  15. Focus on the Positive (Time 5-7 min)
  16. Public Relations Strategies (Time 5-7 min)
  17. Active Listening (This isn’t a typical Toastmasters prepared speech presentation. This project requires you to be a table topics master. Your evaluator will give feedback on how you achieved the objectives described in the project.)
  18. Managing a Difficult Audience (Time 10-15 min – This presentation involves role players in the audience. Page # 19 in the PDF has the description of various roles. Talk to your coach to assign role players, and share the description with them.)
  19. Prepare for an Interview (Time 5-7 min – This project requires interview set-up with role play.)
  20. Manage Online Meetings (Time 20-25 min)
  21. Inspire Your Audience (Time 5-7 min)
  22. Understanding Conflict Resolution (Time 5-7 min)
  23. Evaluation and Feedback (This project has three parts. One, give a 5-7 min speech presentation and receive feedback on it. Two, use the feedback and prepare; bring the speech again on another day. Three, give a speech evaluation to a fellow toastie. This project guides you on how to receive and give feedback.)
  24. Prepare to Speak Professionally (Time 18-21 min)
  25. Moderate a Panel Discussion (Time: 20-40 min – This project requires additional panel speakers – our teenagers can be panelists as well. There is also audience Q & A as part of this; the moderator takes charge of the flow during this part.)