June 16 – Privatize Space


Debate Statement: That space exploration should be privatized.

Q1: How will that impact development of technology?

Q2: Will it help interest of common people?

Q3: How will space privatization affect the economy?


Context for the debate: Space research, space exploration traditionally is done by the governments. In recent years, companies have showed initiative to do more in this domain.

This brings up a number of questions:

  • Will the work from private companies be consistent with national interest?
  • Will private companies have incentive to do it right for the overarching interest of all?
  • Corporations have vested interest to maximize profitability and value for share holders. What can be the impact of that? (Hint: there probably are both sides to this, good and bad. Think about it.)
  • There are a number of examples of space research technology being made available to a range of applications. What will be impact of privatization on this?
  • Privatization probably will create an industry, an  evolving business ecosystem. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this?
  • What does involvement of private companies do to any industry?
  • What is your opinion on this and why? Bring your personal angle to it, develop it.


From coaching corner:

  • Do your research to come up with a range of ideas that can be relevant to this. Brainstorm it among yourselves to develop this list of ideas. One technique that can help, list all ideas and links in your Google Doc. Consolidate them all together in one section. While preparing for your prepared statements for opening, Q1, Q2, Q3, concluding note pull in ideas from this list.
  • At the debate, listen carefully to capture ideas you might not have thought of yet in your prep, and use these new ideas in your arguments as you develop them.
  • Going in the debate, think of overall theme and position you are going to develop as a group. What are the key points? What do you have in support for each point?