June 16 – Esports in Olympics

Debate Statement: That esports should be included in the Olympic games.


Q1: Are esports games consistent with tradition of the Olympic games?

Q2. Do esports require athletic skills like other Olympic sports?

Q3. Can International Olympic Committee (IOC) develop and moderate esports games in a way that is consistent with its charter and core values?

Hints for Q3:

  • While there are so many online games being played all over the world, the IOC would need to develop its own set of games. Will it require using/developing technology in new ways?  What else would that entail?
  • Each esports game needs have its own rules – what would be required to define, explain and enforce these rules?
  • What else will be required to organize esports games for the Olympics?
  • If you had thought of completely different angles/directions to it, go for it as well, hint isn’t here to limit your thinking in any way.


From coaching corner:

  • Do your research to come up with list of ideas that can be relevant to this. Brainstorm it among yourselves to develop the list. One technique that can help, list all ideas and links in your Google Doc. Consolidate them all together in one section. While preparing for your prepared statements for opening, Q1, Q2, Q3, concluding note pull in ideas from this list.
  • At the debate, listen carefully to capture ideas you might not have thought of yet in your prep, and use these new ideas in your arguments as you develop them.
  • Going in the debate, think of overall theme and position you are going to develop as a group. What are the key points? What do you have in support for each point?