June 16: Driverless Cars


Debate Statement: That government should legalize driverless (autonomous) cars.

(Pro side will develop the case in favor of legalization. Con side will argue against it. Totally ok to take this debate in direction of whether autonomous cars should be, or should not be legalized despite legislations and other directives that might already in place, or those being in works right now. Use your research to think of ideas and back up information for points that you choose to develop. You are welcome to bring up your own personal views and opinions as well, using/explaining them in your case as a group. In case of questions, feel free to ask. All questions are good. We welcome questions. We love questions.)

Questions for Debate:

Q1: Are driverless cars safer?

Q2: What would be the impact of driverless cars on our society?

Q3: How can driverless cars impact economy?