Apr 15 Debate

Debate Statement: That reading a book is more effective than watching a movie based on that.

Q1. What makes it easier to understand the core message, book or the movie based on that?

Q2. What engages you better, book or the movie based on that?

Q3. What gives you more freedom to explore the ideas, interpret them?


Ideas to get your juices flowing:

  • Books you can read at your own pace, think about it, re-read it.
  • You can lose your chain of thought with a book if there is less continuity, consistency.
  • You can read a book, pause/stop wherever you need/like, think about it, imagine the situation.
  • Movies engage more senses (visual, sound). Does that make it easier to connect with the message, or it actually hinders it?
  • A movie combines creativity from a range of disciplines? Does it make it more fun? Is it adding barriers to get to the original message?
  • Can movie compromise the original message?
  • Can movie be someone’s interpreted experience/message? Can it dilute, or compromise what author might have to say originally?
  • Can movie be more effective/efficient in giving you the core message?
  • What is more memorable? Why?
  • Which medium is more active in your opinion? Why?

Make a list of books you might have read, and then watched movies based on that. Think about your own experience in context of the questions, and see what you can develop.

Bring specific examples of books/movies with your preparation. Think of what it meant to you personally, use that in your answers, and debate development.